Upcoming Adventures in the City

As the summer is getting off to a start, I am excited to be starting my internship in about two weeks. This will be my first internship, and I am beyond ready to get out in the "real world" (and maybe a little nervous too). As a suburban born-and-raised Jersey girl, it will be exciting to be living in Brooklyn, and getting a real taste of "city life."

As a Writing major at my university, the job choices are pretty broad since writing is a skill that you can use in many different places. However, as social media has become so popular lately, especially for businesses using these platforms to promote their brand, I became increasingly interested in the field of social media marketing.

This summer I will be a Social Media Intern, where I will be helping a company that invests in smaller brands promote those brands and try to gain a bigger following. I think the skills I learn in this internship will greatly help me in the future, in both this blog and hopefully my future career!

Living in the city will allow for lots of adventures this year. I want to spend lots of time exploring, trying new yummy food places, and taking lots of pictures to document this fun summer!

Comment down below what your favorite places in NYC are, whether it be a fun place to walk around, or a new brunch place! I would love to get a "bucket list" going of where I need to try.

Thanks for reading!

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