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Lately, I have been into selling some clothes online. I did research on the many selling apps available nowadays and chose Poshmark.

I wanted to discuss my experience with this app, and things that I like and don't like.

First of all, the app is super easy to use. Basically, you follow the steps on the "Sell" button at the bottom of the app to upload photos and input information about the clothing piece (or shoes/accessories) that you want to sell. I have had no trouble in uploading items to my "closet" to sell.

Another thing I like about this app is that the more you use it and are active on it, the more followers you get. This helps you share your closet to get your pieces noticed. Another cool feature of this app is that people can make offers on your items, and you can go back and forth in bargaining. This allows for the buyer to have more say in what they feel is a fair price on your item. Once you sell an item, Poshmark emails you the free shipping label that you use on your box to ship the item. Then, the money received from the buyer (once they accept the item) is put into your app "Credits" which you can use to buy more items on Poshmark, or send it right to your bank account.

The main thing I dislike with this app is that you do have to spend a good amount of time on the app to get your pieces noticed. Basically, you have to continuously "share" the piece so that people who follow you will see it on their feeds. If you are inactive on the app, it is highly unlikely that anything will sell. So, if you have time this app is great. However, if you're super busy with other things, it will probably not result in many sales.

In addition, the flat rate of shipping for buyers is $6.49 for all orders. So, if you are only ordering one small piece, this could end up as much as the piece itself.

Overall, my experience with this app has been positive. It is very exciting when someone purchases a piece, and I enjoy finding pieces in my wardrobe that could sell on the app.

If you have any additional words of advice for any Poshmark users, please comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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