Top 3 Beauty Products

Today I wanted to talk about my top three beauty products. Over the past few years, I have had a great interest in watching "beauty gurus" on Youtube, researching beauty products and spending (too much!) money on makeup items.

Sometimes, when you buy a product it ends up just being okay, and not every makeup product works the same for every person.

Here are my top 3 beauty products that I use anytime I wear makeup.

1. bareMinerals Original Foundation (fair)

My friend recommended me this product, so I decided to give it a try (even though it is fairly more expensive than I usually like to spend). What I love about this product is that it gives the perfect amount of coverage I am looking for in a powder/foundation (medium coverage). You can put this over concealer or liquid foundation, or just use it as a foundation on its own! I usually apply a light foundation/bb cream then use this to set my makeup and make sure my skin does not get oily throughout the day.

2. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (soft and gentle)

Before I bought this product, I never understood the hype over highlighters. Then I tried this product... it truly is AMAZING. I just swipe it on my cheekbones (above my blush) and a little on the tip of my nose, and it gives a gorgeous glow without looking shiny or greasy. Also, although it is a bit expensive, I literally have had this product for two years and have barely made a dent in it! All you need is a swipe with your brush, and since it is so pigmented, you barely use any product! 10/10 would recommend this.

3. Benefit Roller Lash (black)

I had always been a firm believer in buying only drugstore mascaras because I never thought high-end ones were worth the price... until I tried Benefit Roller Lash. This mascara is by far the BEST I have ever used. It lengthens, darkens, and volumizes your lashes without making them look clumpy. If I only wear one makeup product I like this one because it really brightens my eyes and makes them pop! I definitely recommend trying this product.

So there you have it, my three top favorite beauty products! Comment below and let me know some of your all-time favorite products because I'm always looking to try new ones!

Upcoming Adventures in the City

As the summer is getting off to a start, I am excited to be starting my internship in about two weeks. This will be my first internship, and I am beyond ready to get out in the "real world" (and maybe a little nervous too). As a suburban born-and-raised Jersey girl, it will be exciting to be living in Brooklyn, and getting a real taste of "city life."

As a Writing major at my university, the job choices are pretty broad since writing is a skill that you can use in many different places. However, as social media has become so popular lately, especially for businesses using these platforms to promote their brand, I became increasingly interested in the field of social media marketing.

This summer I will be a Social Media Intern, where I will be helping a company that invests in smaller brands promote those brands and try to gain a bigger following. I think the skills I learn in this internship will greatly help me in the future, in both this blog and hopefully my future career!

Living in the city will allow for lots of adventures this year. I want to spend lots of time exploring, trying new yummy food places, and taking lots of pictures to document this fun summer!

Comment down below what your favorite places in NYC are, whether it be a fun place to walk around, or a new brunch place! I would love to get a "bucket list" going of where I need to try.

Thanks for reading!

Poshmark Review

Image via TechCrunch

Lately, I have been into selling some clothes online. I did research on the many selling apps available nowadays and chose Poshmark.

I wanted to discuss my experience with this app, and things that I like and don't like.

First of all, the app is super easy to use. Basically, you follow the steps on the "Sell" button at the bottom of the app to upload photos and input information about the clothing piece (or shoes/accessories) that you want to sell. I have had no trouble in uploading items to my "closet" to sell.

Another thing I like about this app is that the more you use it and are active on it, the more followers you get. This helps you share your closet to get your pieces noticed. Another cool feature of this app is that people can make offers on your items, and you can go back and forth in bargaining. This allows for the buyer to have more say in what they feel is a fair price on your item. Once you sell an item, Poshmark emails you the free shipping label that you use on your box to ship the item. Then, the money received from the buyer (once they accept the item) is put into your app "Credits" which you can use to buy more items on Poshmark, or send it right to your bank account.

The main thing I dislike with this app is that you do have to spend a good amount of time on the app to get your pieces noticed. Basically, you have to continuously "share" the piece so that people who follow you will see it on their feeds. If you are inactive on the app, it is highly unlikely that anything will sell. So, if you have time this app is great. However, if you're super busy with other things, it will probably not result in many sales.

In addition, the flat rate of shipping for buyers is $6.49 for all orders. So, if you are only ordering one small piece, this could end up as much as the piece itself.

Overall, my experience with this app has been positive. It is very exciting when someone purchases a piece, and I enjoy finding pieces in my wardrobe that could sell on the app.

If you have any additional words of advice for any Poshmark users, please comment below!

Thanks for reading!

By the way, my user on Poshmark is @mkircher18   Follow me and check out what I'm selling! Comment below your Poshmark user and I'll be sure to check out your profile!

Reflection on Junior Year


I am sorry for the long break from this blog. I have just finished my junior year of college, and am ready for senior year. First of all, how did this even happen?

This year was by far the craziest, but most fulfilling. I took 18 credits Spring semester which was extremely challenging. It was rewarding in the end when I was happy with my grades and truly saw where hard work takes you.

One of the main things people say when you start college is to "get involved." I never truly took this advice until this past year. When I began writing for The Odyssey, becoming the Vice President of the Society for Technical Communication, tutoring in my university's Writing Center, getting a job as the copy editor at the school's newspaper, and trying to keep some sort of social life going.

At times, (many times), it was extremely stressful and overwhelming. However, looking back and seeing that I was able to keep up with all of these activities makes me feel accomplished in one way or another. It kept me driven and motivated, as I had no time to be lazy and flop around.

In general, I do better when I keep busy. Staying productive makes me feel more positive as I feel a sense of purpose in myself.

Looking back, and knowing that I was able to make it through this year even at times when I thought I would fail every class and just wanted to give up is a great feeling.

Junior year in college is known to be one of the hardest as you are mainly in your major classes, so I am very happy to be done!

At the end of the year, my roommates and I took a trip down to Destin, Florida to relax, unwind, and kick off Summer. It was a great trip filled with lots of sunshine, beach time, many dolphin sightings, and good friends. Here are some photos from the trip!

View from our balcony!

Lime Tostitos are the best!
An amazing sunset watched right from our balcony!

Always love a good candid shot ;)

Comment below and let me know what your plans are for the summer!

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As always, thanks for reading!