Product Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

If any of you are like me, then winter hates your skin. I naturally have dry skin, so the cold weather only makes it worse! I recently found the only moisturizer that actually keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.

In the past I have tried tons of moisturizers for my skin that either did nothing, or made my skin too greasy. This "Ultra Repair Cream" is more expensive than what I normally like to spend on beauty products at $30.00. However, I noticed that a little goes a long way. I have had this tub for a year already and have barely made a dent in the container! 

It has a light scent to it that is not bothersome at all like some other moisturizers can be. Although it seems like a thick consistency, it feels light on my face and I don't even realize I have moisturizer on! Some days, I just put this on and no makeup over it, but it's also great for prepping your face for makeup.

Overall, this is a 10/10 product that I would highly recommend trying!

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